Going to the Doctor 2

In the last post I distinguished between two approaches to going to the doctor:

1) I go to the doctor when something is wrong.

2) I go to the doctor to improve my health and well being.

Let me tell you about a patient I’ve been seeing.  She started off in the first category, but has wonderfully shifted into the second category with great results.

She’s in her late 20’s and came in for TMJ Syndrome, which is clicking and pain of the TM joint while you chew or yawn.

Besides treating her TMJ Syndrome, we have treated her other disharmonies according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We have also given her general support and care.  What has resulted is improvement in her TMJ, but also major shifts in her personal life.

She started keeping a food journal, and is now shifting her diet completely.  Her mood and energy are improving, and she is contemplating positive life changes for herself (leaving her boyfriend, changing her job, moving somewhere else — all of which are unfulfilling for her right now.)

Yes, she came in to handle her joint pain.  But she has successfully worked with us in improving her overall health and well being.  Which, in Chinese Medicine, is the only true treatment her TMJ can receive.


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